• Life insurance rates are near historic lows!

    The key to saving money on life insurance is finding an independent and transparent life insurance agent who will look out for your best interest. Our Independent agents/advisors are best equipped to determine what life insurance company and product will best fit your unique situation.

  • Helpful Tips:

    Ask your agent to provide you with quotes from multiple insurance carriers. Work with your agent to determine how much coverage you need before completing an application. Be up front about existing medical conditions and life style information. Being honest will help your agent find an insurance carrier who can offer you the most affordable life insurance rates. Do not just focus on price. Also consider a carrier's financial strength and the level of service provided by the agent.

    Move quick to purchase life insurance and lock in a rate. As you get older and if your health changes you may not be able to secure the low life insurance rates available today.

  • Already Own Life Insurance?

    Life insurance rates are near historical lows! As people continue to live longer the cost of life insurance continues to come down. This trend has created a great opportunity for existing life insurance owners to purchase a new more affordable life insurance policy. Request a quote from Life Insurance Oracle and a qualified life insurance agent will be able to conduct a policy review with you to determine if you are eligible to save. The policy review process is also a great time to reflect on life changes which may have altered the need for the amount and duration of coverage.

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